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Smartphone + Mobile Technology = Better Shopping Experience

It is the era of technology where customers are now using their Smartphone for making purchases and getting the best available deal. Mobile shopping is something that has opened many possibilities to a technology customer and has changed the way a consumer interacts with technology. Now it is observed that more than before Smartphones are playing a bigger role when it comes to shopping. Let us find out more about it.

Why Mobile or Smartphone Shopping?

The technology trend has changed to such an extent that now a percentage of 70% are utilizing their Smartphone for shopping during holiday season and joyful events. This figure is rising with the coming holidays and access to Smartphone technology by a major chunk of users. According to a survey tablet owners increased from that of 10.5% to 22.4%.

This surely indicates that mobile shopping is a breakthrough in the retail. The best that these technology customers have is the ability to go shopping via QR code scanning and making a direct purchase using their phone. Another interesting thing that comes across as being a technology user is that you will be able to get the latest buzz about the deals available in your local vicinity. Additionally, the availability of stores online is increasing in number to help customers browse through the latest products. This way it also becomes easier for a retailer to reach out to maximum number of customers and add a pull effect towards increasing the sales of their brand.

Using the Technology

Using the technology it is relatively easy to send message through various means including chat, also consumers are now able to browse through various products at one go. Even if the products are not available at the moment they can still set an alert so that whenever it is available they will be alerted through e-mail or message service. Even getting the latest styling tips and access to mobile checkout is making things easier for technology customers. Instead of standing for hours in the queue for a check out the easy way is to use your mobile.

The most essential thing that comes across is the technology that is beneficial to the consumers as well as contributes towards increasing purchase. Most importantly, the mobile payment technology that is available with as many as 50 retailers is responsible for better sales and customer turn-up.

Other things include displaying brands over the mobile device using tablet for instance, this is useful in tablet shopping assistance. Some retailers are using iPad kiosks in their stores to enable customers browse through the collection, it is more like a look book. Additionally, it also allows customers to know about additional products and even make a purchase via tablet. Apparel retailers have came up with the idea of iPad dressing rooms where a customer has the freedom to choose their favorite music to play and use iPad kiosks that suggest them most favored styles while providing a style-guide. Users can now create an outfit using the kiosk and even share it on e-mail with their friends. This comes handy for online marketing of the brand but also help consumer seek suggestions from friend network about the choice of their wardrobe.

Facilitating mobile shopping via a website by the name of RetailMeNot (coupon code site) has enhanced its app especially for the holiday seasons. Now users of this app will be able to get quick notifications about the latest available deal in the local store or mall.

Utilizing the technology of Wi-Fi is something that more and more retailers are coming up with during the holiday season. This will facilitate a customer with mobile checkout and ease of purchase. Though this still varies upon the size of the store, the larger the store is, accordingly number of checkout points will be installed.

In conclusion to what has been said above, it is the technological advancement that smartphone / mobile shopping helps in providing a better shopping experience.

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