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How to “Fashion” Yourself With Trendy Clothing?

People are living in a social world. Face to face meeting is a must. Communications are not only by voice speaking, but also clothes speaking. When you are in trouble how to start a topic to talk with your friends, you would better first think of what to wear to attend the meeting. Don’t you know how to Fashion yourself?

Expensive clothes would not guarantee anything for you. What will work for you is the suitable clothes and the way you wear clothes. The most trendy fashion is the fashion not following the existing trend. When you are not stepping after the fashion trend, you are creating a trend. Your personal trend shows your special character. When you are confident, most chosen clothes can be fashionable and suitable for you.

Here are some: How to “fashion” yourself with trendy clothing?

1. Don’t use strong perfume
-Remember someone may not like to smell your perfume.

2. For men, stick to black socks with black shoes when wearing dark color suits
-The black socks and shoes leads to the best effect to the most of the patterned or dark color suits.

3. Remember to iron clothes
-It can illustrate the correct forms of your chosen clothes and give a tidy image.

4. If no suitable size is available, remember longer is better than shorter
-Most people nowadays accept larger size more than smaller.

5. No more than four colors on your body
-Too many colors will confuse the main color of your clothes.

6. Some accessories like bracelet, necklace and cufflinks etc. are necessary
-It depends on the style of your clothes. Sometimes, accessories can be the main component of your fashion that day.

7. Shoes have to be shiny whenever possible
-People choose their shoes because they see that shiny and nice looking shoes in the shop. However, when they wear, they forget to recover this attractive original images for the shoes.

8. Hair has to be tidy all the time
-It is more better if you can have a hair style. Otherwise, clean and tidy hair is basically needed to match your clean clothes.

9. Glasses can be a fashion
-Glasses are one of the fashion accessories. Sometimes you can still wear glasses even you are not short-sighted or stop using your contact lens for a while to change your image.

10. Poor figure is not an issue
-Always remember figure is not the most important factor for trendy clothing, but your choice of fashion.

I guess most people should be able to afford and follow all these guideline. If so, fashion is no longer expensive. Now start trying to fashion yourself with trendy clothing according to your own trend.

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